Support Service Lends Helping Hand to Prevent Homelessness

    Nabil Molai

    OMAHA (KPTM)- There are a number of groups out there that help keep people from becoming homeless, but they can't do it all. Now a new group is helping the people that might otherwise fall through the cracks.

    A mother of four, Cindy Garule says, "This is my son, he's three, my daughter she's seven. This picture of all of us together is just remarkable." A picture, Cindy Garule keeps close by as a reminder of how close she came to losing them. Garule says, "I came from a domestic violence situation, I got involved with Child Protective Services, violence escalated."

    She lost custody of the kids and eventually lost her house. "I isolated myself, I didn't have a license, and I didn't have a job." The care corps homeless services helped as much as they could, but Garule was eventually referred to a fairly new non-profit organization called Uniquely Yours Stability Support.

    Founder of the organization, Robin Pfingston says, "We prevent or move out of homelessness." Robin says they work with other groups that don't have the resources or the services to lend a hand. "To make sure nobody falls through the cracks of services anymore." Pfingston says they help people who are one paycheck or a disaster away from becoming homeless. "Our Grant amounts are between $225 and $450." Twice a year if needed.

    It may not seem like much, but Pfingston says some people are just a few utility payments away from losing their home. Pfingston says, "That investment of keeping that family in their home would have cost businesses and the community a little over three thousand dollars."

    Garule now has a house and her kids back. Uniquely Yours helped her license her car so she can take her kids to football, wrestling and boy scouts. "A weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I just felt full again," Garule says. Uniquely Yours Support Services doesn't take on self-referrals. Instead they partner up with other agencies that get them in touch with people who need help. Uniquely yours relies on donations from the public and businesses to keep helping.

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