Becka's Beat: When babies are criminals

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    Today Donald Trump met Mexico’s president and gave a major speech on immigration. While that was going on this child was being detained by immigration authorities.

    You see the immigration problem is a lot more than shouting build a wall and send them all back. Mothers and their children are also coming across the borders from places like the Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. They are seeking asylum from the violence in their countries. They are risking their lives and the lives of their children to come to America knowing there are no guarantees. Knowing they might be held by the authorities. Imagine being so bad off that this was your best option.

    Now granted using a picture of an illegal immigrant baby is a bit of emotional blackmail. It’s used to tug at your heart strings. It’s much harder to think of this baby as a criminal than a migrant farm worker or roofer. But the truth is she’s breaking the law just like they are.

    Tomorrow at noon a group of church leaders are going to meet at Brad Ashfords office at 72nd and pacific to ask congress to end the indefinite detention of women and children seeking asylum. They are going to try to bring to people’s attention that it’s more than drug dealers and rapists coming across the border. It’s children too.

    Now before you start sending me nasty emails I’m not suggesting open borders or amnesty. What I am suggesting is that we tone down the rhetoric and look for reasonable solutions to these problems.

    The other night at a town hall meeting Donald Trump asked the audience if an illegal immigrant that has been here for years and has not broken any laws should have a way to be here legally. The majority of the audience said yes. The problem is the majority of people that might feel that way aren’t speaking up. It’s the loudest and angriest that get noticed. And the loudest and angriest are shouting build a wall and send them all back.

    Tomorrow these church leaders will petition our representatives to hear the cry of these children. The ability to do that is one of the reasons people are fleeing their country to come here. God bless America.

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