Gary Jeck is July's Jefferson Award Winner

Gary Jeck

OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) - For thirty years Gary Jeck has opened his shop's doors with a warm greeting.

"it’s been in my blood ever since I was basically born," Jeck says.

Whether it's helping out a customer or coaching his employees

Jeck says fixing cars is what he was born to do.

"It’s something I can do and I feel I do pretty good at it," Jeck says.

But just a year ago he found out there was something else he needed to fix.

"About a year ago I had congestive heart failure," Jeck says.

Taking him away from his work.

"I got sick, and I’m not going back. I spent a week in the hospital and I’m not going back there again," Jeck says.

But he says that started a new chapter in his life.

"Now I’m working on firetrucks and I enjoy it very much," Jeck says.

Each afternoon he makes the short walk from his auto shop to his home.

He changes his shirt grabs his lunch then heads out to his second job.

"Work keeps me busy, I’m not good at sitting around" "but I knew I could get plenty of exercise working again," Jeck says.

Cooking up a meal as a member of Kiwanis Club Volunteer organization.

"Good people doing good things, they're busy," Jeck says.

And he says receiving a Jefferson Award is a just a testament to that.

“You asked me before about a motto and the other thing is having great people around you because that's what makes a difference,” Jeck says.

Something that he's proud to say doesn’t need fixing.

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