January's Jefferson Award winner: Dee Adams

RALSTON, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The founder of a local Lost and Found Center serving those less fortunate is now this month's Jefferson Award winner. Each month, FOX 42 News and Nebraska Medicine give this award to an outstanding member of our community, and January's winner is Dee Adams.

"Everything we get is pretty much free," said Adams.

In life, there are things we might take for granted like clothes, books and food.

"We've helped 675 families. We had just a huge need with our cold weather here in Nebraska."

To Adams, the above items are life saving. Families that are less fortunate depend on them.

"It's important for us to be able to operate."

It's what inspired her to open up the Lost and Found Center at Ralston's Trinity United Methodist Church. The items in the center are collected through donations offered by people who want to give back to their community. By keeping the room stocked, it's how Adams gives back year-round.

"We've had a few people in schools and so forth donate clothes. Some people had a coat drive a couple of years ago. We had a basketball team donate clothes."

The center is open between 1-4 on Sundays and is also open to anyone who believes they might need something. It doesn't matter where you live.

"We've had people as far away as Oregon come."

For her work, Adams is now our Jefferson Award winner for the month of January. It's an honor that includes a certificate and a medal. After receiving the award last Thursday, Adams gave a shoutout to her volunteers.

"If everyone wrote their name up on the walls, the walls would be totally filled. We've just had fabulous, fabulous people that have supported us all of these years."

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