May 2017 Jefferson Award winner: Dr. Roger Curry

Dr. Roger Curry is our Jefferson Award Winner for May 2017.

Each month FOX 42 honors someone for making a difference in their community.

It's called the Jefferson Awards.

The winner for May is Roger Curry, an Omaha dentist who's been giving back for more than 40 years.

"I just think it's important for people to know that they're loved, that they're needed, they're wanted."

It's a lesson Dr. Roger Curry has always tried to live by.

"There's lots of needs and lots of opportunities to reach out and help people and so that's what we try and do."

He and his wife founded Macedonian Ministry many years ago. It’s a non-profit that helps people all over the world.

Curry said, "I just had a real heart for the situations they were in in their lives."

It all started when Curry began working at Douglas County Hospital as a dentist.

"I began to meet a lot of people who had been injured with different accidents that left them paralyzed."

Though he now has his own clinic he still goes to the hospital regularly to visit people like Dennis and Jamie. Dennis is paralyzed and Jamie has cerebral palsy.

When Curry visits the hospital he brings some of his dental students with him.

Curry said, "We need to learn what's the right thing to do and so I want the kids to learn that I think there's not enough emphasis today on reaching out and caring about people."

Curry's ministry is also reaching people in Africa.

Joseph Garang said, "The donations I've been getting has gone toward shelter, food, medical care, education."

The donations are for Garang's family members in Uganda. They have been affected by civil wars in Africa.

Garang said, "He has helped very immensely."

As for winning the Jefferson Awards this month, Curry said, "I wasn't expecting this...I feel kind of undeserving, but I'm very honored and very humbled by this."

FOX 42 picks a new Jefferson Awards winner each month and next year one of our winners will win a trip to Washington D-C.

If you know someone doing good things in the community, please nominate them by visiting the Jefferson Awards section.

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