Omaha's own 'superman' takes home Jefferson Award

Omaha's own 'Superman' takes home Jefferson Award

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - For Kevin Nordhagen, it's more of a calling.

"From being at that point, being in those lines, as a homeless veteran it's really nice to be able to see that you can overcome and that you can actually do great things with it," said Nordhagen.

After serving in Iraq, Nordhagen had been living couch to couch, sometimes on the street.

He credits his sister and friend for helping him get back on feet.

Nordhagen's life lessons inspiring him to give back.

His great work earning him a 2017 Jefferson Award for the month of March.

"I love doing what I do regardless, but this is just something that makes it special, see that I'm truly making a difference," said Nordhegan.

Dubbed "The Superman," he helps run a soup kitchen for veterans each Sunday.

He connects them to resources, helps them find housing and jobs.

Nordhagen also mentors young people, encouraging high school and college students to serve.

"It gives them a chance to really take those images of the thought process of homeless people, that they're not bad people, that they're just down on their luck, and that you can make a difference by just a small gesture," said Nordhagen. "I truly have a purpose and a spot to be and as much as Omaha is not your normal tourist destination, I really do enjoy this town, and I have no intention of ever leaving just because we've been able to do so much."

Nordhagen says he hopes his work will inspire others in other cities to give back.

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