September 2017 Jefferson Awards winner: Foster mother Marcy Schulze

September 2017 Jefferson Awards winner: Foster mother Marcy Schulze

For half a century, Marcy Schulze has been fostering children.

"Kids are all my life," she said.

If you go just by the kids, it's been a big life.

Schulze has cared for 264 children right here in Omaha.

"I've always loved babies," said Schulze. "I was the oldest in my family and I helped raise my brothers."

She took in the special need kids others wouldn't. One little girl had leukemia.

Marcy, who is now 87 years old, has so many stories and so many memories from years past.

"The social worker she said... 'Now remember foster parents don't adopt!' ...we adopted five, so things change too and all the ones we took and adopted all had special needs."

She left her mark even on children too young to remember.

"Someone took a lot of time and love making sure I was looked after," said Brian Gerkensmeyer, who was just a newborn baby when Schulze took him in. "I wanted to know and find her and tell her thank you."

He nominated Schulze for this month's award for her compassionate work in the community.

"It's been a very rewarding path that we chose," said Schulze.

It's one she hopes is an inspiration to others.

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