Meet the Candidates: Nebraska State Treasurer

    Meet the Candidates; Nebraska State Treasurer (NTV News)

    On Tuesday, Republican voters will have their choice between two candidates for State Treasurer in the primary election.

    The two Republican candidates for State Treasurer both have very different backgrounds, but believe that those backgrounds are why they would be great for the job.

    John Murante is a Nebraska State Senator from Gretna who believes what Nebraska needs is a person with a small business background.

    Right now he is the CEO and President of his family restaurant, Big Fred’s Pizza.

    He feels it is the state treasurer's job to make sure money is going to the right place at the right time.

    “So, that's what small business people do every single day. Balancing their budget, managing payroll, managing the checkbook of our small business and now doing it for the state is something that I really look forward to doing,” said Murante.

    Taylor Royal is a Certified Public Accountant from Omaha, that said although he does not have a political background, his knowledge of accounting and investment management is what makes him qualified.

    "Part of being state treasurer is that we want to ensure that all of our state spending from our government is accessible, that it's searchable, that its transparent online and so having somebody who's not been in the mud and the mire of the legislature, somebody who's not already spent those dollars for Nebraskans, I think it's good to have a fresh perspective,” said Royal.

    Murante said what Nebraskans need is a reliable conservative who has proven themselves.

    “Who has fought for property tax relief, voter identification laws, and also this year our crowning achievement was putting a budget together that included language which ensured that not a single tax payer dollar would be given to abortion providers,” said Murante.

    Royal said he has planned a 100 days of action strategy for what he wants to do as state treasurer. If elected, he said some things on the plan might take four to eight years to implement.

    "I think it's just good business practice that we do a top down review of all of our vendor contracts with the state treasurer's office and making sure that Nebraskans are covered, that they're getting great performance and service from our vendors, right,” said Royal.

    You can look for John Murante and Taylor Royal this Tuesday on the Republican ballot. Just a reminder that no other parties are running for State Treasurer and only registered Republicans can vote on the Republican ballot.

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