Stothert, Mello meet for north Omaha forum ahead of election

    There are two weeks to go until the general election.

    On Thursday night, the candidates for mayor faced off at Salem Baptist Church in north Omaha.

    The forum focused on issues tied to that area of the city.

    Mayor Jean Stothert and former state senator Heath Mello agreed on some issues, but differed in how they want to handle them.

    Job creation was a hot topic, something that Mello is looking to address.

    Mayor Stothert said its more a matter of connecting the work force to the jobs that already exist in the city.

    They both talked about improving infrastructure in north Omaha.

    The issue of the re-development of Ames Locust industrial park project did come up, with both candidates sparing on that topic.

    "i think it's simply a matter of priorities for our next mayor to want to invest in trying to restart the conversations in building a north Omaha industrial park," said Mello. "It's something that was brought forward in a previous administration. This current administration decided to walk away from it."

    Mayor Stothert respondeding saying, "The city walked away from the industrial park in north omaha because it was going to cost 25 million dollars to clean up that park. And i thought this north Omaha could use that 25 million dollars in a much better way then to clean up that industrial site and we'll continue to look for other sites."

    The public did get a chance to ask questions. A lot of them had to do with jobs and economic development.

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