Voter registration hits a deadline this week

    Voter registration hits a deadline this week

    October 19th is the last day to register to vote online and by mail in Nebraska.

    Kalen Schmaderer is not only registered, he actually voted today and it was his first time.

    "I'm just excited and eager to do it," said Schmaderer.

    Of course early voting is certainly not a requirement, but registering is.

    One way you can register is on

    If you'd rather use the mail, you can do that too by downloading the form here.

    UNO student Nate Johnson helps students on campus get registered.

    "Making it possible for students to vote for students to register and for them to access their government is important," said Johnson, who is the president of the UNO College Democrats.

    It's something Schmaderer says he takes seriously.

    "It's one privilege you need to do, and you need to take advantage of that."

    Sample Ballot:

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