19-year-old killed in crash, remembered by friend & classmate

From left to right: Tyler Cherrington with friend & Ralston High School classmate Brichelle Biering

A woman from Ralston was killed in a bad crash on Sunday.

Douglas County deputies say 19-year-old Tyler Cherrington was driving near Valley when she crashed into a semi-truck.

Those who were close to Cherrington say they can’t believe what happened.

“I just started crying. It literally took my breath away, like, I couldn't breathe."

Brichelle Biering says she's still in shock over the news she got on Monday. She found out that her high school friend, Tyler Cherrington, had passed away.

“She was so healthy, so full of life."

However, Cherrington's life was cut short during a car crash on Sunday.

She may be gone, but as her friends say she'll never be forgotten.

"She really did care about everybody,” said Biering who met Cherrington at Ralston High School.

"She was very, very passionate about being in marching band and concert band, and everything."

Biering says the two shared a lot of memories together.

"In high school we went to prom together with our group of friends and all our dates."

Biering isn't the only one remembering Cherrington. On Monday night people started a memorial for Cherrington by the flag pole at Ralston High School.

Biering said, "She's definitely going to be missed."

Cherrington graduated from Ralston High School in 2015.

She was a student at Midland University in Fremont. Her family says she was set to graduate next spring. She hoped to go to the police academy with the goal of becoming a homicide detective.

Deputies say Cherrington crossed over a grassy median before crashing into a semi-truck. Deputies are still looking into why she drifted into oncoming traffic.

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