5 juveniles caught after leading police on car chase near Lincoln


    Officials say five juveniles have been caught after they led Lincoln Police and state troopers on a chase Wednesday.

    They say it started at 1 pm when Lincoln Police saw a stolen car.

    Troopers with the state patrol tried to stop the car on Interstate 80, but they say the car took off.

    They say troopers and Lincoln Police officers chased the car.

    Officials say speeds reached 107 miles per hour during the chase.

    They say they were able to stop the car using stop sticks.

    Lincoln Police and NSP troopers caught five juveniles.

    They say three of them are 15 years old, one 13-year-old and a 12-year-old.

    Officials say only the driver has been charged with any crimes.

    The other four were brought back to their parents.

    Officers say they are following up on other related cases involved stolen cars, thefts and robberies.

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