A Plattsmouth family is pleading for help after losing everything

A Plattsmouth family is pleading for help after losing everything

PLATTSMOUTH, NE(FOX42KPTM)-A family's New Year's Day turned into a nightmare. They lost everything after their trailer home caught on fire.

"It was really overwhelming, I never cried so much in my life," Anniston Casey said. She's one of the children.

Melissa Mahr and her daughters were inside the home on Monday. They were all preparing to do laundry.

"We've seen smoke and we're like where that smoke coming from," Melissa Mahr said. She's the mother.

The smoke kept pouring out, eventually forcing her out of the home.

"My mom's room just blew up in flames, I just never experienced something like that," said Casey.

Mahr tells FOX 42, she walks through her home every day since the fire, wishing she could have saved it.

"We lost all our Christmas stuff that they got for Christmas," Mahr said. "We lost everything, we don't have nothing."

They only have the clothes on their backs.

"We lost our bed, we lost all our clothes."

Mahr is asking for any kind of help from the community. She says all the money in her bank account was used to keep the bills paid in that home.

She says fire officials told her the hot water heater started the fire. It was inside her bedroom, which explains why it had the most damage. She says she's thankful they all got out the house in time.

"You can't replace family, but you can replace materialistic stuff."

If you would like to help this family, here's a link to the GOFUNDME page.

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