Deer brawl prompts warning for all drivers during mating season

Deer brawl prompts warning for all drivers during mating season

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)- Triple AAA officials are now warning all drivers to watch out for deer while driving, especially during rural areas.

A couple in Council Bluffs caught a deer fight on camera last weekend.

"It went on for awhile, it was still going on when we left," Kale and Brandy Wicks said. "That's nothing we've ever seen before so it was pretty crazy."

People may start noticing deer come out more because it's mating season.

"They're very active at this time of the year especially between dawn and dusk," Rose White said. She works for Triple AAA.

She says it's very important to be alert while you're driving or it cold cost you.

"November is the top month when we see more deer crashes in any other time of the year," White said.

Here's what you can do if you want to prevent a deer crash:

-Don't swerve

-Brake firmly

-Hold on to the steering wheel

-Stay in your lane

-Bring your car to a controlled stop

"If you act suddenly and steer into traffic or you possibly steer off to the road where there's a shop drop off that could create more damage to your vehicle and even cause a rollover crash," White said.

White says there's no real way to scare the deer away.

"I think people have a false perception that honking the horn or flashing the lights might frighten that deer but studies have shown that he does not."

Deer tend to travel in groups so if you one, others might follow.

"You better be very cautious especially in wooded areas, they're everywhere," Wicks said.

According to Triple AAA, in the past three years, there's been more than 2,500 animal-related crashes. At least 86 % of them involved deer and 18.5 % happened in the month of November.

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