Family opens home, hearts to adopted children - no matter the circumstance

Alicia and James Hegwood parents of a real life full house, say adoption has changed their lives for the better (NTV).

After one baby survives drug abuse and the other a near-death experience, even before they are born, they end up 're bringing light into the lives of one family.

As music fills the air at the Hegwood home, James and Alicia cater to their real-life full house.

"When you look at adoption you think, 'oh we're going to go in and change their lives and make something better for them,'" Alicia Hegwood said.

The Hegwood family said their two adopted kids changed their lives.

A couple of years ago they adopted now 2–year-old Brielle.

"Her adoption was God's plan because when she was born a week early, she had the cord wrapped around her neck three times and she was blue. So had she not been adopted out and been induced, she probably would not have made it," Alicia said.

After more than a year passed, and feeling Brielle has brought so much light into their lives, they wanted to adopt again--not knowing this time would be different.

"It was hard because we had had several failed adoptions prior to that," James said.

After months of trying, they got a call that there was a baby waiting to be born in California, but his mother was battling with addiction.

"She used meth every day in the womb and God protected him. He didn't really suffer too much from what the doctors had told us," Alicia said.

Ezeekiel was born premature and just a month after bringing him home, his fight wasn't over yet.

"When he was a month and a half old, he got life flighted out to Denver again for double pneumonia and he almost didn't survive that. So, they had to intubate him and sedate him again which pretty much opened that drug womb that he was healing from," Alicia said.

This exposed him to even stronger drugs and caused little Zeke to lose his hair.

The Hegwoods said Zeke's shortcomings didn't play a role in them adopting him.

Most parents understand the sleepless nights, but the Hegwoods did all of this with five biological kids.

But the Hegwood kids told NTV they wouldn't have it any other way.

"They're not adopted they're just our kids. They're just their brothers and sisters," James said.

Thursday’s story will have more on open adoption and how the Hegwoods helped one of the biological mom's chase her dreams.

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