Alabama man combines raising good men and mowing lawns


Rodney Smith Jr. asked God to be his vessel.

Smith said years later he knew what he needed to do, after seeing an elderly man struggle to mow his lawn.

Smith started the "Raising Men Lawn Care Service."

The service caters to the elderly, disabled, veterans and single mothers.

Smith mows the yards of these people free of charge, just to be helpful.

And now he is on a new trek, 50 states and 50 lawns.

Smith stopped in Omaha Monday to help out several Nebraskans in need of it.

A few Omaha Police officers even came to help out.

Nebraska is Smith's 45th state on his "50 State 50 Lawn" tour.

Next he is headed to Kansas and Iowa.

Once Smith is done with the continental U.S. he will fly out to Alaska and Hawaii.

Smith also wants kids to get involved so he started a challenge for them as well called the "50 Yard Challenge."

If you are interested in Smith's tour or his foundation check out these links.

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