Animal communicator lets man know what man's best friend is thinking

Animal communicator lets man know what man's best friend is thinking

Cindy Downing greeted FOX42 reporter Steve Saunders and his dog Bentley at Halleck Park in Papillion on a sunny autumn afternoon.

"Bentley! Hey buddy! How are you are?" said Downing.

Downing is an animal communicator and medium.

At a young age, she says she discovered her unique ability to gather information from animals, be it dogs, cats, birds, even camels and all creatures in between.

"If I have a skeptic, you know... well, wouldn't you want to have a better relationship with your animal?" said Downing. "That's what this is about."

During the session, Bentley apparently had a lot to say about his owner Steve.

"He thinks you're pretty funny," said Downing, who sat next to Steve and Bentley in the session. "Do you talk to yourself a lot? It's like you walk around your house and i don't know if you hum or talk. That's what he's showing me you do."

Steve told Downing that he does have a tendency to do that around the house.

Downing continued on and said, "He's showing me a blonde funny girl that he likes, I don't know if he's met or not, but he likes her on the phone. Obviously he could hear her on the phone."

Steve said it could be his mom Sheila, who has blonde hair. She lives in Connecticut and had just been on the phone with Steve the day before.

"Do you feed him twice a day?" Downing asked. "Well, you were late in feeding him this morning."

Steve admitted that because he had to bring Bentley to work with him that day, he wasn't able to feed him on time.

Of course no one is perfect, but for the most part Steve said a lot of what Downing revealed was true.

"I'm just the messenger and when they tell me and show me things that there's no way I could possible know about the human or about their environment, that to me is proof right there," said Downing. "People need to be more open. There's so much out in the world that we just don't know about."

To find out more about Cindy Downing, go to her website:

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