Art piece shows number of children in need

hand art pic.bmp

It is a representation of the children that are living in out of home care.

Nearly 1,800 hands are part of Tami Nebesniak's art piece.

Each color representing a child's story and their time spent in the state ward system.

Six panels for the six judges Douglas and Sarpy counties have to process these kids into new homes and families.

The white hands are children that have made it back to live with their parents.

The dark green is for those kids who have lived in the system the longest, some even years.

Bees represent those who were able to graduate up to independent living, butterflies are those children who are missing.

Nebesniak said this art piece is meant to bring the data to life, she wanted to show people these kids are more than just a number.

She said she hopes this sheds light on the problems these kids face and that it makes a difference for these children.

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