Auto experts urge you to check your tires before going on road trips


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - One week ago, Omaha went from dry to looking more like a winter wonderland.

"It just kind of creeps up on you," said Steve Vandertuig, a staffer at Jensen Tire and Auto.

With the holiday travel season just around the corner, local tire and auto shops are getting busy.

"We've had tires replaced. Some of them got pretty worn out."

Auto experts like Vandertuig is one of those busy workers. He can tell when tire conditions are deteriorating and you can, too.

"Cracks will tell you that it's got some age to it. Maybe it's getting a little hard. Over time the rubber will get a little hard and it doesn't give you the traction that it used to."

Lose control of your vehicle and that's another sign.

"Slipping and sliding around even in just wet pavement, so that's a good indication of it."

Vandertuig says to each their own when it comes to buying new tires for the winter weather season. Keep in mind if you go with snow tires, using them year round is not recommended. Try it and it could compromise the performance of your vehicle on the road. Vandertuig recommends doing your homework before you buy because you know how erratic Nebraska weather can be.

"Be prepared."

Before traveling, Vandertuig also recommends you don't take any chances when it comes to the air pressure of your tires. He says if you think something is wrong to look into it right away because it's better to be safe than sorry.

Auto experts also encourage you to have an emergency kit somewhere in your vehicle. That way, if you get stuck, it can help keep you safe and warm.

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