Axe-Throwing venue is the first of its kind in Omaha

Axe-Throwing venue is the first of its kind in Omaha

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-It's a trend all across the country, but now it's here in Omaha. Flying Timber Axe-Throwing will open this Saturday.

"We're thrilled to be first, it was important to us to be the first ones to bring this to Omaha," Matt Wyant said. He's the owner.

"All day it's phone calls and emails and when we're going to open."

Axe-throwing is just like your typical game of darts, but with an axe.

"The throwing itself is really simple, it's not that harder than throwing darts or bowling," Wyant said.

FOX 42's Winnie Dortch gave it a try, but she didn't have much luck.

However, if you're not so good at the sport, you can ask a coach for help.

"They show you exactly what to do and then they're there to help you the whole time to make sure you get it."

For the pros, they have ways to make things more challenging.

"We have some cards on our table, that have various games you can play and tablets for keeping score for folks to make it a little bit more competitive."

There are some safety protocols in place that you must follow.

-Never pass an axe to anyone, you must place it back in the bracket after your throw

-Only one person is allowed in the lane at a time

-Only wear closed toed shoes

"Everyone has been very supportive and very excited to have us come," Wyant said.

Wyant says they plan to serve alcohol. Omaha's city council approved its part of the business' liquor license application on Tuesday.

The state liquor license is in process.

Flying Timber is located on 1507 Farnam. You can book yourself some time to throw on their website.

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