Back pain sufferer chooses chiropractor over pain killers after family tragedy

Back pain sufferer chooses chiropractor over pain killers after family tragedy

For Carol Williams, all the talk about America’s opioid crisis hits close to home because of her brother.

"He was on pain meds for his back, and ended up overdosing,” Williams said while she sat in her chiropractor’s office.

It's one of the reasons why she goes for work on her back It’s a drug-free approach to reducing pain.

"Occasionally [I take] an advil or tylenol, but most of the time I was off everything until this last year, she said. “I worry about the folks who become addicted to the pain meds."

Advocates say no State in the US is immune to today’s opioid crisis.

Here in nebraska, officials say things are not as bad as other states.

Nebraska did received $2 million dollars from the federal government to help fund treatment and prevention.

There were 129 drug overdose deaths in Nebraska in 2015, according to state records, and at least 54 deaths were tied to opioids.

It's why experts say going to the chiropractor is a good place to start if you have pain.

"Had he had the care before hand, I'm assuming he might have still been here,” said Williams about her brother.

"Even the CDC has mandated changes on opioid use, and that it should be short term,” said Corey Campbell, a doctor of chiropractic. “There are cases where people are so acute that we can't do anything, that's when opioid medications or some other interventional care would come into play."

Williams said it’s important to know your options.

“Do be an advocate for yourself and keep looking out there, there's bound to be someone who can help you,” she said.

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