Bellevue first responders do some holiday shopping for kids in need

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    "They're so excited about this,” said Amanda Burdette. She and her husband Lucas brought their five kids to Walmart for some holiday shopping Monday with first responders.

    The whole family got paired up with two members of the Bellevue police department to spend $100 on each child. $50 was spent on toys, and another $50 on clothing.

    "It just means the world to me and our kids,” said Lucas Burdette, “for them be able to shop and get something for themselves."

    But city officials also hope it serves another purpose: to show the softer side of first responders.

    "It's just fun interacting with the kids,” said Bellevue Police Captain David Stukenholtz. “You get a chance to see them outside an official setting, where it's a little more relaxed, a little more fun."

    It’s something the family says goes a long way.

    "It shows that they really care," said Amanda Burdette.

    Bellevue officials expressed their gratitude to the whole community for donating to make this possible.

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