Bellevue road work happens on same day as first day of school


    BELLEVUE, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Road work and the first day of school. It's all happening at the same time in Bellevue, and that has a lot of people asking questions about the timing of the project.

    "It's an inconvenience for everybody," said Ken Salisbury, who was frustrated by the road work Thursday.

    Near Bellevue East High School at Lincoln Road and Harvell Drive, the road is getting resurfaced. With barriers up, some drivers had a tough time figuring out where to go.

    "Couldn't they have done this last month?"

    For Salisbury, it was like the perfect storm.

    "Now I have to take another way around."

    His two minute drive got longer Thursday.

    "Hopefully, the next time they do this they'll think a little bit smarter."

    In spite of concerns about the project happening on the first day of school in Bellevue, some people aren't 100 percent opposed to the project. They believe it was necessary.

    "I'm glad they redid the roads," said Jerri Brim, who is familiar with the area.

    Brim told FOX 42 News Thursday she remembers what the roads were like before.

    "Super bumpy and it was just kind of choppy."

    But she was also surprised by the timing of the project.

    "Tomorrow is when school starts for all of the other students."

    FOX 42 News reached out to the City of Bellevue Thursday. A spokesperson told us rain last week caused a delay in road work. We were also told this project was on the state agenda, so the city had no control over when it happened. Still, people who live and work in Bellevue wish it didn't have to be this way.

    "Come on, we can do better than this," said Salisbury.

    Earlier Thursday, the City of Bellevue released an updated road work schedule. It shows a paving project is is scheduled to take place on Harvell Drive through Tuesday, August 14th.

    For a complete list of projects, click here:

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