Bikers locate trailer stolen on Christmas morning

Bikers locate trailer stolen on Christmas morning

Members of the Eastern Nebraska chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse credit social media in helping get the group’s trailer back.

"When I put the post out there, it was shared over 7,000 times," said BACA's road captain, who goes by the name Pipewrench.

It was on Christmas morning when he woke up to tire tracks and an empty driveway.

"It was only here to transport my bike back and forth to the shop,” he said.

It turns out the theft was caught on a neighbor’s video camera.

Then on Friday, a break in the case came in the form of an anonymous tip on Facebook.

"There was a lot of leg work on our part,” said Pipewrench. "A lot of sleepless nights."

That leg work led them to 33rd & Spaulding, where he and fellow biker Dakota found the trailer.

"There was great relief for everybody,” said Pipewrench. “Immediately we put out the message to the rest of the BACA members. Everyone is saying hallelujah."

The $3,000 trailer is used to hold emergency supplies when the bikers are out protecting children.

A generator that was inside the trailer is still missing.

"The power of social media is great,” said Pipewrench. “Omaha bike organizations and a lot of BACA supporters came together and were really looking out for this trailer."

If you have any information on the theft, please call the Omaha Police Department at 402.444.5600.

If you’d like to help BACA's Eastern Nebraska chapter replace its generator, you can make a donation by contacting the group.

BACA of Nebraska
Eastern Nebraska Chapter
855-464-9088 ext 102
P.O. Box 6275 Omaha NE 68106

Friday, December 29, 2017

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