Bird experts say you should never feed bread to the ducks

Bird experts say you should never feed bread to the ducks

OMAHA,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Bird experts are warning people that feeding bread to the ducks is bad idea.

"The bread just fill up their stomach and doesn't provide any nutrition," Grant Anderson said. He's the manager for "For the Wildbirds". It's a bird store in Omaha.

"It can be bad for them, especially in too high of quantity."

It can also prevent ducks from flying.

"It causes the feathers to grow in a different way than they're suppose to, they grow more sideways to the end of their wing which can actually prevent them from being able to fly."

FOX 42 News met Kaye Jones at Halleck Park on Thursday afternoon. She feeds the ducks a few times a week.

"I heard bread was bad for them," Jones said.

She says she notices people giving ducks bread all the time.

"It's like junk food."

Anderson says left over bread in the water could be bad as well.

"If none of the ducks eat it because they're all full and none of the fish eating it, it can mold in the pond, if it molds and gets eaten, it can cause them to get sick."

Anderson tells FOX 42 that you need to feed ducks more vegetables than carbs.

"Lettuce, cabbage or thawed out peas and corn," he said.

You can feed them cut seedless grapes, cooked rice, birdseed, peas, corn, oats and chopped lettuce.

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