Bond Issue Results: May 2018


Question: Should Omaha Public Schools get a $410 million bond?
OPS says it will be used for new high schools, new elementary schools, and a middle school.
Yes: 18,286 (66%)
No: 9,538 (34%)

Papillion-La Vista Schools also have a bond for people to vote on.
They want $109.9 million for various school projects.
Yes: 4,454 (68%)
No: 2,063 (31%)

The City of Omaha asked voters for a total of $227.5 million bond for different projects, but it was separated on voters' ballots.

For environment sewer bonds, the city is asking almost $11.5 million.
It would provide funds for constructing, reconstructing, storm and other kinds of sewers.
The City says it will not increase property tax.
Yes: 32,643 (82%)
No: 7,167 (18%)

The next asks whether the City of Omaha should get more than $15.5 million in park and recreation bonds.
Would provide funds to pay for various park and recreation improvement projects across the city with no property tax increase.
Yes: 30,362 (76%)
No: 9,417 (24%)

The next asks if Omaha should be allowed to issue and sell bonds of more than $39 million for city facilities.
This would get the city money to construct and improve police and fire stations, libraries, park facilities and more with no tax increase.
Yes: 29,430 (75%)
No: 9,897 (25%)

For public safety, Omaha wants close to $10 million in bonds.
It would help pay for fire trucks and equipment with no tax increase.
Yes: 29,963 (76%)
No: 9,420 (23%)

The last is street and highway transportation.
It asks if Omaha should get $151.3 million in bonds.
This would go toward the cost of streets, highways, and bridges.
Yes: 32,985 (83%)
No:6,758 (17%)

Results last updated at 10:15 p.m.

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