Brad Ashford files for Second Congressional District

Brad Ashford (2016 file photo)

Brad Ashford, officially filed for the race in Nebraska’s Second District on Tuesday.

Ashford said, “Looking at what is transpiring in Washington now, there could not be a more critical time to bring a Nebraska style of governing back. Partisanship is getting in the way of progress and that is no way to govern. During my time in Congress, I was recognized as the 4th most bipartisan member of the House and delivered real results for our community, like the National Ebola Training and Education Center and the new Veterans Affairs facility to Omaha.”

“Our current partisan divide is as wide as I have ever seen and sending someone to Washington who votes 97% along party lines will do nothing to heal that rift. The pathway forward is bringing back bipartisan leadership to fix Washington. We need to move beyond the drama and the partisanship and refocus our attention to lifting up working families, lowering healthcare costs while increasing coverage, developing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that enhances the DACA program, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.”

“We can achieve results and I have a proven record that when you put community first that you can deliver. Nebraskans deserve success and I will be working in earnest to deliver upon the promise of more effective government through a Nebraska way of legislating as I have done throughout my political lifetime.”

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