Busy Monday for road, power crews in Omaha metro


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The weather is expected to be a challenge for road and power crews the next couple of days. On Monday, that was certainly the case.

"There was quite a bit of ice today," said Jodi Baker, a spokesperson for the Omaha Public Power District.

At one point, more than 4,000 customers were without power in he Omaha metro. Into the afternoon, more than 1,000 customers were in the dark outside of Douglas County.

"We could have more problems ahead."

Baker told FOX 42 News Monday it takes a while sometimes to get rural areas back in service.

"It can be really tricky to navigate roads anyway, but when you're dealing with rural roads we have to be going a lot further in between trouble spots."

Baker says icy electrical lines moving around also present a challenge. OPPD refers to that as galloping.

"When you're dealing with strong winds it can be really dangerous, so crews have had to wait in order to make some of those repairs just for safety reasons."

The Nebraska Department of Transportation also had a game plan to deal with all of the ice. Highway Maintenance Superintendent Jim Laughlin said road crews will work around the clock, the shifts will be split into 12 hours and on Monday night the next team arrived around 11:00 to get to work.

With more ice expected, road and power workers are now gearing up for Mother Nature round two.

"We're going to be flexible and we're going to be ready to respond," said Baker.

The National Weather Service Omaha is also warning of more ice. It tweeted Monday that people should plan accordingly going into Tuesday.

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