Camera catches thief stealing car

Douglas County Sheriffs Deputies are searching for this man in connection with a stolen car in a Bennington neighborhood.

Douglas County Sheriffs deputies are searching for a man who took off with someone's car Monday night.

Deputies were called to a home near 155th and Military Road in Bennington around 7.

The home owner told deputies a man he didn't know broke into his car, but it had been unlocked.

The man told deputies nothing was stolen from him, but that the thief then stole a dark blue Nissan Altima from his neighbor.

A security video shows one man walking along the sidewalk dressed in dark clothing while the other man goes through the car then walks away.

A second clip shows several people on the other side of the street hop into a dark car that drives up.

One person runs down the street, gets into another car, then speeds away.

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