Central High senior hopes to meet rapper with Christmas lights display


Omaha Central High senior, Hudson Hooper, puts up a Christmas display every year at his home.

This year is his final display before graduating and heading to college.

For his last display he said he wants to do something big.

"I just started doing Christmas lights a couple years ago and I've been making them bigger and bigger every year," said Hudson. "Last year I got the box that makes that lights go to the music and that's been my favorite things so far."

This year his lights are set to music , including his favorite artist Travis Scott.

Hudson's even working on making the lights interactive with a keyboard.

Travis Scott is set to perform in Omaha on Monday and Hudson is hoping he'll make a stop to see his lights.

Hudson set his lights to work with several of Scott's songs and has been trying to get the rapper's attention.

He says he spent more than six hours setting the lights to work with Scott's songs.

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