Certain items can become a hazard in a hot car


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - With outdoor temperatures in the nineties, do you know what's sitting in your car? The things you leave behind just may cause trouble for you later.

When the sun beats down, it's no secret you shouldn't leave a person or a pet alone in a hot car. Other no-nos, however, are a little less obvious. For example, if you forget medications in a hot place you might not think much about it, but pharmacists say they're no match for the heat.

"The heat does affect pills and make them less potent."

Changes can happen quickly, too.

"Anything more than 24 hours you might start to see a difference in the pills."

Far more than just medication, health experts say sunscreen and lighters should also not be left in hot cars. Sunscreen can become less effective and lighters can explode.

Electronics exposed to extreme heat can also cause harm as well as wet swimming suits. Doctors say because the inside of those swimming suits are warm and moist it can attract bacteria, which can lead to infections. That's why you should always think twice before leaving an item behind.

Water bottles in a hot car can also become a problem. Health experts say that's especially true if you take a drink, leave it in a hot car then drink from it again. That's because bacteria has a chance to grow.

As for medications, health professionals say if you notice a difference in color or shape on them you'll want to check with your pharmacist before taking them again.

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