Children's Hospital gets new therapy dog


    Children's Hospital has a new member on the team.

    Sansa, the 1.5 year old golden lab was introduced to the kids Tuesday morning.

    She's there to help kids and their families feel more comfortable while they're going through a tough time.

    Kids get to pet her while they're recovering from surgery.

    Crew members say she can even encourage them to try to get up and move for a walk.

    When children come to the hospital sometimes they're having very difficult and in depth procedures." said Terry Patterson, Director of Family Resources. "The dog one, helps calm them down. Two, these dogs are trained that they can help children go through the procedures. Whether it's an MRI, whether it's holding still for an IV, they can help model some of that. The children just like it and they adapt quicker.

    This is Children's second therapy dog.

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