City Hall in Bellevue on the verge of moving


BELLEVUE, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Bellevue's city hall will soon move to a new location. After decades in one spot, home will no longer be on Mission Avenue. Wednesday night, FOX 42 News took a look back at the history of city hall and looked forward to the future.

"The history of this place is outstanding," said Phil Davidson, who works at city hall.

On the walls of Bellevue's city hall are a series of photographs and memories.

"This is great to see how far we've come as a city," said Davidson.

One picture in particular stands out to Davidson. On Wednesday, he pointed to the one that shows a remodeled government administration building. On the outside, it has looked basically the same for nearly four decades on Mission Avenue.

"All the city offices, finance and city clerk has been here since 1979."

As workers prepare to move into the new building on Wall Street, city employee Jeff Roberts fondly remembers the way things are done around the current city hall.

"We have a voting board, Right now, what they do is once they take a vote they push a button, which goes to the city clerk and she pushes another button. It flashes green or red depending whether they voted yes or no for something," said Roberts.

At the new city council chambers, upgrades await. Levers are getting replaced by tablets.

"Everything they did manually in the past will now all be computerized with this type of technology," said Roberts.

Tube style televisions are also going away. In their place will be flat screen monitors. The furniture will also be new.

Looking ahead, the plan is for workers to be entirely moved out of the current building by the end of February.

"It's just time to switch over to something more modern," said Roberts.

A Bellevue city spokesperson told FOX 42 News Wednesday there will be at least one more council meeting at what will soon become the old city hall.

If you're wondering what will happen to the building on Mission Avenue, the city says it has options to explore. It does not expect there will be any negative economic impact to the Olde Towne area.

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