City hopes new downtown traffic light will help with bottleneck after events

City hopes new downtown traffic light will help with bottleneck after events

Vicki Rush, the general manager of DJ's Dugout, gave her thoughts Monday about a plan to add a traffic light in front of the CenturyLink Center in Omaha.

"I think it will be really beneficial to help expedite traffic where there's an event down here," said Rush. "I just don't know how much it will be an asset to regular business though."

City records show a proposed traffic light on 10th street in front of the parking garage attached to the arena and convention center.

The project is said to cost $260,000, and the plan is also to remove part of the median that's currently there.

The city says it would allow cars to turn left or right out of the garage. Right now, you can only turn right.

Omaha city engineer Todd Pfitzer said in an email:

"This will give drivers more flexibility when exiting the parking garage. No longer will they be restricted to turning right. The traffic signal will also help empty the garage out faster."

Rush says she still has her concerns.

"If you get a green light and go 50 feet, and then sitting in a red light, you're not helping the situation at all," she said.

Both the Omaha city council and MECA, the governing board that oversees the CenturyLink Center, are set to review the construction plans on Tuesday.

The city says, if the project is approved, most likely it won't be completed until after the College World Series.

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