Civic Nebraska looking into claims of voter registration issues


LINCOLN, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - It's possible for your voter registration information to change and you won't even know it.

One local nonprofit group says it's found a number of times it might have happened this year, especially during Primary Election Night. It says the mixup involves changing your political party preference.

Workers for the election policy group Civic Nebraska say they've been exchanging words with several voters on the discussion website Reddit. Some people are claiming their political affiliation has changed and they didn't know about it.

"This is something we're currently looking into," said John Cartier, Civic Nebraska's voting rights director.

Cartier told FOX 42 News his group is now trying to compile a list of names.

"We're going to use this information to hopefully identify if there's any widespread issue that needs to be addressed."

If you're concerned about your voter registration, election officials encourage you to take a look at it. You can do this online. Just head to the Nebraska Voter Check website and click on the voter registration tab. From there, you can type in your name and your birthday and see what exactly your political affiliation is listed as.

"Once we get enough names, we can work closely with election officials and try to figure out what exactly the issue was and how to prevent it going into future elections."

For the nonprofit, this is important because every cast ballot matters. Workers say making sure your registration is correct before an election day is serious business.

Even if your registration information changes your party preference, you shouldn't have problems in November. You don't need to claim a party to vote in general elections.

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