Cleanup in Blair still in progress after Friday night storm


BLAIR, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - It's been three days since a severe storm belted the Omaha metro, but people are still cleaning up, especially in Blair. A lot of the damage there happened because trees were badly damaged.

"It seems like the first week of June, if we could just erase it off the calendar here in Blair, we would be a lot better off," said Bob Limbach, who lives in Blair.

For Limbach, it's like clockwork. Once June is here Mother Nature seems to strike. One of the worst happened in 2014 when Blair was hit by this hailstorm. Homes and buildings were badly damaged. Four years later, Mother Nature was at it again. It wasn't nearly as bad, but this past weekend plenty of tree parts were left behind.

"I've seen it before."

Limbach spent part of his day Monday making a run to a spot next to the Washington County Recycling Center. He had debris of his own to drop off.

"A lot of the neighborhoods, some of the neighborhoods in the north portion of town had a lot more damage than the south part. It seemed the wind was more pronounced there."

Branch after branch was stacked on top. Limbach had a feeling it was going to look that way. Friday night, he heard the bad weather loud and clear.

"Noisy, windy and lots of limbs down."

According to the Omaha Public Power District, the storm was responsible for more than 2,000 homes in Washington County going dark. The lights are back on now, but people who live in Blair know the bad weather will return. They say they'll be ready for it.

"This is nothing new."

Last Friday's bad weather also hit parts of west and north Omaha pretty hard. In one neighborhood, a tree was uprooted and landed on top of a car. In other neighborhoods, a lightning strike caused houses to catch fire.

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