Cleanup work at Haworth Park will take a while


BELLEVUE, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - It's going to be a while before Haworth Park gets back in order. That was the word Tuesday from the City of Bellevue, which released a checklist about what kind of cleanup tasks need t be completed.

"Mother Nature left us quite a mess," said Henry Hopper, who lives near the park. "It's very frustrating."

At the park now are puddles of water, dead grass everywhere and a strong odor due to Missouri River flooding.

"So much work to do," said Hopper.

Haworth Park shut down two weeks ago. The city says cleanup hasn't started yet.

"It's a very nice park, so hopefully it gets back to normal soon."

If you're hoping to gain access to the park sometime soon, bad news. The City of Bellevue says it could take seven to eight weeks before cleanup is completed.

In the city's checklist, sanitizing equipment and buildings, reseeding the grass and thoroughly inspecting anything electric (among other tasks) all have to be completed for the park to get back in order.

Hopper was hoping for better news Tuesday.

"It's not that long ago we had tree damage that was being dealt with. That was less than a year ago and large trees were broken at the time. They had to take care of that and now we're right back to this flooding."

Hopper told FOX 42 News he is confident though that Haworth Park will eventually rebound.

According to the City of Bellevue, cleanup is scheduled to begin Monday, July 16th. That could be delayed, however, if more flooding happens.

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