Construction on schedule for new CB police headquarters

Construction on schedule for new CB police headquarters

With the steel structure off Woodbury Avenue now just days from completion, the new Council Bluffs police headquarters is really taking shape.

"The project is going really well," said mayor Matt Walsh who says construction is on schedule and under budget.

City officials say crews should finish the project in November 2018, and spend $2 million less than expected.

"To come in under budget in a high construction environment is really a big plus," said Walsh.

Earlier in the year the council approved $12 million for Sampson Construction to work on the project.

The mayor said the cost to the tax payer is 51 cents per thousand of your home's taxable value.

If your home is worth $100,000, taxable value is $55,000, which means you would pay an extra $28 dollars each year to pay for the police department's new building.

"I don't care too much for the price tag, but I think we need it," said homeowner Roger Graeve.

City officials say there's not enough space inside the current police station.

"Five people in an 8x11 office, really conditions most people won't want to work in," said Walsh.

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