Council bluffs offering more free wi-fi access to people across the city

Council Bluffs has rolled out Phase II of its project to give free Wi-Fi access to nearly everyone in the city.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia (FOX42KPTM) -- Council Bluffs plans to give free Wi-Fi access to nearly every home and business in the city in the next few years. Now many people will get it this week thanks to the second phase of the project.

"I knew it was Wi-Fi but i didn't know it was a free Wi-Fi for Council Bluffs," said Amanda Carpenter.

Amanda Carpenter says she's used free Wi-Fi to search the internet before. It's called BLink. She says she gets a really good Wi-Fi signal in her neighborhood.

"It shows that you can connect right to it. And it even shows a thing to accept and continue on your phone. Until I got cox that's what I had," said Carpenter.

Carpenter's neighborhood is one of the newest areas to get the city's new Wi-Fi network. Officials say now more students have internet access too.

"At school the service doesn't really work at all and it helps me contact my mom if I need to afterschool," said Jaiden Larsen, who’s in 8th grade.

The second phase covers the area from 18th and Avenue G to 29th and Avenue I.

"When you live here in this neighborhood it works perfectly fine," said Carpenter.

Some homeowners say BLink is helpful for their children to use at home. But some people say they're careful about using it to pay bills or shop online.

“You use at your own risk. I don't use my credit card on any kind of sites on the internet but I guess if you do bank things through the blink, I don't know how safe it is but I wouldn't do it," said Carpenter.

Carpenter says it's still necessary to help stay connected and give access to those who don't have internet.

The goal is to make Wi-Fi accessible to nearly every home and business in council bluffs over the next 5 years. Administrators say no tax dollars have been used during this project. Phase III is set to cover the areas south of Broadway street and west 25th street.

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