Creighton university steps up security measures after student harassment on campus


OMAHA, NE(FOX42NEWS)-Creighton University is now stepping up its security tactics in response to a Facebook post. Several incidents have occurred where individuals not affiliated with the university confronted students.

Student, Deane Reeves is a junior at the university. She says she was walking to class and a man yelled at her to get in the car. She ignored him multiple times, but he tried harder to get her attention.

"He turns down the first street available, pops a u-turn and comes up right next to me on the street and begins to yell. He stops his vehicle and begins to yell at me get in, get in," said Reeves.

Reeves posted her experience to Facebook. She received over 50 shares and 300 likes. The university was concerned and sent an email to students.

"We take these situations very seriously and are making changes to our shuttle/Jayride programs, launching a new notification service for campus-based students to keep them informed and immediately initiating an enhance security presence."

One of those changes will include shuttle routes operating until 9 p.m. Security personnel will also patrol the interstate underpasses on campus.

Lauren Ward, Violence Intervention and Prevention at the university says they are continually trying to make the campus comfortable and safe for students.

"Anytime there are concerns that we have the privilege of hearing that gives up the opportunity to really appropriately and adequately respond to that and make our campus better," said Ward

However, Reeves says these changes should have been in place a while ago.

"I'm proud of the university for sending out that email, I am proud of them for that but it does sadden me that it took a public Facebook post to make that email come out,said Reeves"

The university says these changes are set to start Monday, November 28.

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