Crews work to save bees left homeless by weekend storm


    Sunday's snowstorm hit harder than expected.

    It left a lot of people without power.

    And left even more bees without homes.

    Crews went out Monday to try to fix that.

    In just a single downed tree, workers with Frank's Tree Service found about 15,000 bees.

    Workers decided to jump into action to help. They took the bees to the Omaha Bee Club to help give them a chance at life.

    "They would have died. Definitely would have died. Like I said rodents would have gotten in there ate the honey and they would have been dead. So it's very important we got there before that happened," said Lynn Danzer, president of the Bee Club.

    She says if the bees can survive in the tree limb during winter, they'll take them out and put them in a hive like the rest of the bees.

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