Crooks break into Omaha home in an unexpected way

Crooks break into Omaha home in an unexpected way

OMAHA,NEB(FOX42KPTM)-It was an alert on one Omaha man's phone that told him someone was breaking into his home in broad daylight.

"I didn't think it was a true alarm, I thought we were going to get here, police would be here and nothing had happened," Bob Goding said.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. When Goding arrived, police were searching his home.

"The garage door was opened about two feet and at that point I knew something was wrong."

Goding says the crooks broke through the garage door.

"They backed their car in the garage door, pushed the door open, wide enough that they snapped the channels that the garage door runs in and they were able to get underneath the door."

The crooks didn't stop until they were all the way inside the home. After busting through garage door, the crooks went through the kitchen door and to the bedroom. When they heard the alarm, they panicked and left a trail of jewelry leading from the hallway to the door.

"If I didn't have an alarm system, they could have gone in here and spent the whole day here."

Goding says the jewelry meant the world to his wife and they don't expect to get any of it back.

"There was stuff I'd given to her for Mother's Day, anniversary and birthdays, irreplaceable items," Goding said. "It's like an intrusion that you just don't expect, you don't expect the perfect stranger to be going through your bedroom drawers rifling through your stuff."

Goding tells FOX 42 that he's thankful he was not in the home at the time. As for the stolen items, he says it's part of their home insurance policy that specifically covers jewelry. Goding's next move is to put up security cameras.

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