CWS Baseball Village has safety features in the event of bad weather


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - With the College World Series less than one week away, organizers of the Baseball Village next to TD Ameritrade Park say they're prepared for any severe weather that may happen. Setup is already in progress and today we got a close look at the features designed to keep you safe.

Last year, a severe storm blew through during opening ceremonies of the CWS.

"Tents blew so hard that it knocked over five sections of folded t-shirts," described Terry Cue.

The bad storms came early this year.

"I'll bet we had a half inch of rain in a half hour just Monday morning alone. It was crazy."

In between two different storms, crews at the Old Mattress Factory were battling extreme heat getting the Baseball Village set up. With every spike in the ground, the object is to make the tents as sturdy as possible.

"They really pounded them into the asphalt this time," said Cue. "It should help."

Marketing Director Jenny Peters told FOX 42 News the tent also features a communications system. It's a new public address system and she says if the weather gets bad during the CWS visitors will be able to hear instructions and anything else they need to know.

"The idea is to make all of our guests feel safe," said Peters.

Opening Celebration Day for the CWS is scheduled for June 15th. The CWS could last as long as June 27th.

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