Disabled American Veterans post in South Omaha vandalized


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - A group that helps Omaha's veterans is now out thousands of dollars and the crook that vandalized it is now on the run tonight.

"This is terrible for us because our funds are precious to us," said James Skarda, the commander at south Omaha's Disabled American Veterans post.

The thief damaged an ATM machine, a door and a window among other things this week.

"It hurts veterans and that's what hurts the most."

Police are now on the lookout for a man captured on surveillance video.

"If he'll do it to a disabled American veterans post, he'll do it to anybody."

Skarda told FOX 42 News Wednesday the thief actually broke into the building twice. The first time he wasn't wearing a ski mask, but when he realized he was on camera he came back wearing one.

"He covered his face and then he began rifling through everything."

Skarda estimates the man caused at least $5,000 worth of damages.

"Obviously, he has no conscience at all."

Skarda is now hoping the thief is captured before he has the chance to strike again.

"This guy might hurt somebody the next time."

Skarda says he now plans to talk to his security team about the incident. He'll be looking for feedback about how to prevent vandalism like this again.

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