Dog missing for 2 years found in Omaha

(Nebraska Humane Society)

A Texas woman is now reunited with her dog after he'd been missing for two years.

Bowser came in stray to the Nebraska Humane Society, and his microchip traced to his owner, Robin May, in the Austin, Texas area.

May drove overnight in ice and sleet to be reunited with Bowser.

"Chip chip hooray!" the humane society said.

Shortly after the humane society shared the story on Facebook, an Omaha woman shared more information on how the dog traveled to Omaha.

Alexa Hiers-Mosqueda said before she moved from Texas to Omaha, she bought the dog from a Texas Craigslist seller. The dog lived with Hiers-Mosqueda's family in Omaha for two years.

"Bane (as we called him) was very loved and we let him out to potty 3 nights ago, the gate wasn't shut all the way apparently because he got out," Hiers-Mosqueda said.

A neighbor told her the dog was then picked up by the Nebraska Humane Society, who scanned the microchip and told Hiers-Mosqueda the dog was registered to someone else.

"Although I'm happy for [Robin], I am extremely sad and heartbroken that I now have to tell my children that we won't be bringing our doggy home," Hiers-Mosqueda said. She said she also hopes "justice comes to the person" who she believes stole the dog and sold it to her.

She urges others to take caution when purchasing pets from Craigslist sellers.

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