Dog trainer reveals creative ways to entertain your cooped up canine in cold

Dog trainer reveals creative ways to entertain your cooped up canine in cold

"Egg cartons and paper towel rolls are great."

Dog trainer Cathy Guinane dug through a big box of goodies at the Nebraska Humane Society on Friday, and FOX 42 news reporter Steve Saunders' mischievous pup named Bentley anxiously watched.

She pulled out a handful of household items that can keep a dog entertained for hours.

Guinane said it's a good way to pass the time when it's too cold to go outside.

"They need to think," she said. "They need to use their brain. It satisfies them. Even if they can't get a whole lot of physical exercise, to think about how to find something, helps them out a lot."

Lately the bitter cold has cut off Bentley's daily trip to the dog park, and it's led to some destructive in-door behavior.

She said to avoid canine cabin fever, you've got to keep your dog entertained whether your at home or not.

"From a stuffed frozen Kong with something good." said Guinane, "to a activity toy they need to roll around to get their food to fall out of it."

She also recommends a leftover cardboard box. Put a little peanut butter, lunch meat, and kibble inside. Fold the flaps in and let your dog go at it. For safety, Guinane said it's something you should do when you're home with your pet.

She also said, when you are home, put away the toys your dog plays with when you're not there..

"So it's novel and different for the next day," said Guinane.

Even a training class during the week can help with canine cabin fever.

"The more fun people can have with their dogs, the more they can enjoy them and the better quality of life they can give to their animals," said Guinane. "It improves [a human's] quality of life too, and that's the coolest part."

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