Dog loses battle with cancer, shelter thanks community

    Dog with cancer checks off bucket list with help from community

    UPDATE 9-27: Helping Hands for Animals says Parker has died.

    "Parker was Magic...From the first day we got him, rescued from a shelter in Kansas, we knew he was Magic; with his independent attitude and his goofy ways of chasing squirrels and balls that would keep us entertained for hours," said Rose Coco of Helping Hands for Animals.

    "The years we got to know him, we couldn't help but fall in love with that smush face and tail that constantly wagged when you spoke to, or looked over at him."

    Helping Hands for Animals offers thanks to everyone and each business owner who gave Parker "the time of his life".

    "There are no words to express our gratitude to Joe, Parker's best friend and true dad til the end."

    She says 'thank you' is not enough.

    Original Coverage:

    Even though he looks happy and healthy, Parker's vet says he's got just months to live.

    The man who took him in asked people to come visit and give Parker a treat or two to cheer him up.

    "It just escalated from there, really started getting together a bucket list that we talked about," said Joe Huntoon, who took Parker in. "All the fun things a dog would like steaks, ice cream, car rides, walks around the lake and everything."

    Huntoon says Parker's owner abandoned him.

    He says that happened after Parker had surgery to remove some of his tumors.

    Now that cancer has since spread to rest of his body.

    "The vet gave him about two to four months to live," said Huntoon.

    Now there's a Facebook group that's been drawing more and more people to stop by and spend time with Parker.

    "Parker touches my heart man and I just wanted to help a dog out, and I didn't think it would be all of this," said Huntoon.

    He says it shows that there's kindness in the world and perhaps dogs are truly man's best friend.

    Parker's on Facebook:

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