Dogs rescued from Iowa puppy mill now at Nebraska Humane Society

    10 Samoyed puppies are now at the Nebraska Humane Society courtesy: Nebraska Humane Society

    18 puppies are starting a new life in Nebraska.

    The puppies were part of 170 dogs rescued from a puppy mill in northern Iowa earlier in November.

    They arrived in Omaha Tuesday evening greeted by several volunteers and caretakers.

    The Nebraska Humane Society took in some of the dogs along with shelters in Iowa and Kansas.

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said the dogs were kept in kennels that didn't provide much shelter from the environment and did not have access to clean water.

    The samoyeds are being evaluated by NHS staff and won't be up for adoption for at least several days.

    We have to provide the space for them, so all day today we were getting ready by cleaning the kennels, getting all the food, the beds, the water, but now it's really taking the time to asses their medical needs," said Nancy Hintz, President at NHS.

    The ASPCA says all the dogs were "fearful and undersocialized" when they found them in the puppy mill.

    Animal neglect charges are pending against the owner.

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