Downtown turns to neighbors for advice

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The Downtown Improvement District held a public meeting Wednesday evening to ask for the public's help in making a safer downtown.

Dozens of people showed up and there was numerous ideas thrown out.

But one woman said to fix the problems the city has to go to the root.

Deena Bish lives and works in downtown Omaha and said she sees firsthand the violence that happens.

Bish said she also sees the gangs getting more violent by the day.

She suggested that the Chief of Police have a sit down with the leaders of the gangs to come to some sort of agreement.

Bish also suggested the city pay more attention to the kids growing up in neglected homes.

She said a lot of inner city kids are raised by the streets and the violent behavior is the only thing they know.

Bish said the city should create programs for all aged kids growing up in poverty so they can start out having a better life and not go down the wrong path.

Others at the meeting said they want more police presence, brighter and more street lights, certain streets closed at night.

The DID also proposed their own ideas to the public for discussion.

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