Dream street becoming a reality again


The historic 24th street was once a beacon of hope for those in north Omaha according to neighbors.

But as the years went by, so did those dreams.

But now the community is coming together to bring back the charm and culture to their neighborhood.

The Omaha Economic Development Corporation started making moves in 2016 to revitalize the area.

The Fair Deal Village was reborn and even included something Nebraska has never seen, shipping containers.

The Village also gave a home to local business owners who were home or internet based.

The Cooler made it's debut in mid-June as did Emery's Cafe.

The cafe in the same spot as the original Fair Deal Cafe from the 1950's.

Those who live and work there said they have seen a huge, positive change since 2016.

A grocery store with fresh produce was brought in as well to combat the food desert the area had been in for more than 40 years.

The OEDC said it realizes the revitalization will take years but 24th street is well on its way to becoming "Dream Street" once again.

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